Medical Assistant

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Associate Degree Programs

Certificate Programs

The STCC Medical Assistant program offers a one-plus-one program option. All students who are accepted into the Medical Assisting department will enter the Certificate option for the first year. This certificate offers on-campus classroom lectures, laboratory and simulation experiences. The curriculum is designed to teach students to assist in and perform administrative and clinical procedures in varied health care agencies.

The one-year Certificate of Completion prepares students to perform routine administrative and clinical skills in a variety of health care settings. Administrative responsibilities may include answering telephones, scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, handling correspondence, billing and bookkeeping. Clinical duties can vary according to state law but typically include activities such as taking medical histories, performing vital signs, preparing and assisting with examinations and procedures, performing venipuncture, recording electrocardiograms and administering injections. Medical Assistants work in variety of settings including physician’s offices, clinics, laboratories and hospitals.